Maverix's documentary about legend Lance Mackey wins international film awards

Maverix followed one of the world's toughest athletes, Lance Mackey, closely for the last three years of his life.

Maverix's documentary about legend Lance Mackey wins international film awards

Maverix followed one of the world's toughest athletes, Lance Mackey, closely for the last three years of his life, resulting in Wild Life, which last week won best documentary at the Los Angeles Film Awards.

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"We got to know Lance Mackey in Alaska during the winter before the pandemic broke out. He lived an extraordinary life and was a character of Shakespearean proportions. Tragically , he passed away far too early last fall, and this film is a historic document about his life," says Linda Nordheim, general manager of Maverix.

Lance Mackey was a race car driver and family man, but best known as a four-time winner of the legendary Iditarod. The Iditarod is a dog sled race that takes competitors through the Alaskan wilderness for nine to ten days. A result of his incredible feats, he was named the world's toughest athlete.

Fighting moose in Anchorage

"We quickly discovered that Lance was the most popular musher in the United States. He just went by the nickname The Legend. Lance always found himself in the most incredible situations. The first time I met him, he had to defend himself against a bull moose using only a ladle in the middle of downtown Anchorage," says director Finn-Erik Rognan.

 While the documentary crew were filming Lance during a car race in Arizona, he suffered a severe crash. During the subsequent medical follow-up, a tumour was discovered close to Lance's lungs.

 "Lance's life was far from easy, and he was struck by one tragedy after another. He nevertheless always took life with a smile, and that's one of the reasons for his popularity," says Rognan.

Two awards for best documentary

The Los Angeles Film Awards prize isn't the only award Wild Life has won. The film has also won ONIROS Film Awards and received accolades at the New York Film Awards and the Florence Film Awards.

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Maverix has previously produced the television series Ice Cowboys, which has been broadcast in a number of countries. The series has an IMDb score of 9.2. Maverix has also produced other popular series, including Gutta på tur (7.5), Expedition Lothepus (8.5), Lothepus Camping (9.6),  and the final season of Fjorden Cowboys (8.7), in  addition to a wide range of live sports events in recent years.

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Wild Life - The Lance Mackey story
Director: Finn-Erik Rognan
Written by: Finn-Erik Rognan and Dag Vidar Hopøy
Edited by: Dag Vidar Hopøy
Reporter: Greg Heister
Producers: Linda Nordheim, Ola Gråberg and Jan Ove Årsæther
120 minutes.
Region: Worldwide (English language)

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