In Maverix, we have gathered exceptionally experienced advertisers and journalists, producers and directors, editors and designers. Thus, a small team can create large campaigns with a clear common thread in every conceivable channel, and get on the air quickly with tools that create growth.

Although we have several channels to choose from, it has become more difficult than ever to grab people's attention. And now, advertisers need both attention and sales, more than ever. The solution is to create engaging concepts with a message that hits the target group in the heart. And advertising that is so good that people actually want to see it.

We have no fixed team structures, but put together teams that are just big enough to solve the current task. No one owns the customer, but everyone owns the challenge: finding the shortest path to growth.

Since the team has long and broad experience, we can develop effective strategies and great ideas in record time. And with a short way to production in-house, we can get on the air quickly with cost-effective solutions in every conceivable channel.

We have helped large companies such as Godtlevert, Santa Maria, Clas Ohlson, Andfjord Salmon, Adam's matkasse, Empet, Kongsberggruppen, Salmar and Amedia. With sharp strategies, unifying concepts and good ideas. And produced countless effective commercials and infomercials, social media activities and Youtube content, websites and PR activities.

Instruments that, without exception, have contributed to creating growth. Also for Maverix, which has grown from 4 to 30 employees in just four years. And increased turnover from 0 to over 40 million kroner.

A maverick is someone who refuses to play by the rules, but gets results.
- Urban Dictionary